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Summer Trip Applications

Each summer, Escape22 takes a few groups of students on a trip in order for them to experience a new place, culture, and group of people. We go to these places with the goal of allowing our students to serve people selflessly and sharing the love of Christ with those that they interact with. This year we will be going to three different places:

Tirana, Albania
We will be going to Albania from June 22nd - June 30th. While we are there we will be working with missionaries who have been partnered with Cornerstone for a number of years. The majority of the time will be spent helping with their summer camp for teenagers and trying to start gospel conversations with high school students in Tirana, Albania. The cost of this trip is $2,000.

Pine Ridge, South Dakota
We will be going to Pine Ridge from June 15th- June 22nd. Pine Ridge is an Indian Reservation located in the Badlands of South Dakota. Escape22 has been working with the staff/missionaries that live on the reservation and manage a camp called Chanku Waste. Chanku Waste means “the Good Road” in Lakota and it is a place for residents of the reservation (specifically teenagers and children) to come and be in a safe and joyful place. While we are there, we help to run a VBS for the children and teens on the reservation. The cost of this trip is $500.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
We will be going to Minneapolis from June 17th - June 22nd. This trip is a great introductory trip to missions as it allows for students to interact with a variety of cultures and groups. Students will split their time with service projects, gospel sharing, and being educated on people groups that are present just a short three hours from where they live. The cost of this trip is $500.

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