Hey e22 Students and Families, 

Welcome to the brand spankin’ new ESCAPE22 BLOG! 

I can’t fully express how excited I am to be welcoming you all to this place! To let you into my heart behind writing this, for the last year I have been hoping to start a blog. In August of 2016 we had a staff retreat where Mark asked us to think of some projects that we would like to see started that would better Escape. Since then, I’ve had a blog on the brain. I want for this to be a resource for you all to hopefully find an opinion that you trust. We want to share our thoughts on the things that you all are going through! As always, we desire for those thoughts be based in truth and shaped by the gospel. We want to be speaking into topics that we see as prevalent, as well as hearing what you would like for us to write about! 30 minutes on a Wednesday night will just never be enough to say all of the things that need to be said, and we want to do our part in walking with you through all that we can. High school is a time that can be both wonderful and filled with trials, and we want to hit on all sides of that. 

Ultimately, we as a staff love this ministry and want to be faithful with what God has entrusted to us. I believe that part of that is sharing our hearts on the things of this world in more ways than just Wednesday nights. We will be posting every other Tuesday throughout the semester with a variety of topics and authors. If there is ever something that you think you and your peers would benefit from hearing about, please let us know! You can always email me at mfarner@cornerstonelife.com with your ideas. I can’t promise that we will write about all of them, but I know that you all have really good thoughts and insights and we want to hear from you! Our next post is live, so you can keep scrolling to find out our thoughts on tattoos and whether or not you should get one! 

See you in two weeks! 

-Madeline Farner